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Gululu Menu


Ħobż Mixwi – Toasted Maltese bread with different toppings
Ricotta & Lemon Zest (V/SB/F/S/G/GC) | Black Olive & Garlic (V/SB/F/SG/GC) | Anchovy & Capers (SB/F/GC/G) | Bigilla – traditional paste of dried fava beans, garlic, oil and vinegar (V/SB/GC)
Kapunata (V/SB/GC/C)– Chopped aubergines cooked with celery, onion, garlic, capers, olives and tomatoes.
Żebbuġ Mħawwar– Green olives marinated with olive and parsley.
Ġbejna tal-Bżar (V/SB/S/L) – Maltese peppered soft sheep’s cheeselet.
Insalata tal-Qarnit (F/SB/GC/S) -Tender octopus marinated in olive oil, garlic, parsley & lemon juice.
Sfineg tal-Bakkaljaw (SB/L/G/F)– Deep fried battered salt cod.
Toqlija tal-Klamari(G/GC/SB/E/L)– Deep fried, crispy calamari with a garlic relish.
Fwied tal-Fenek (SB/GC/S/L/G)– Rabbit belly pan simmered with white wine, garlic and sage.
Zalzett Mixwi(C/S/G)– Typical Maltese grilled pork sausage, flavoured with garlic, parsley and coriander seed.
Żaqq tal-Fenek (SB/GC/G/S/L)– Slow Cooked rabbit belly with sage and white wine.
Insalata taz-Zalzett (GC/V)– Cooked Maltese sausage, marinated in olive oil thyme and lemon juice.


FRITTURI U PULPETTI (Fritters & Patties)

Pulpetti tat-Tonn taż-Żejt (G/SB/E/F)– Tuna cakes with potato, lemon and fresh mint.
Pulpetti taċ-Ċanga(G/L/GC/S/SB)– Beef patties flavoured with grana cheese, garlic, thyme, and simmered in red wine.


PLATTI GĦAL-TNEJN (Platters for Two)

Platt Vegitarjan (V/GC/SB/L/SE)- Kapunata, Ġbejna tal-Bżar, Basal tal-Pikless u Żebbuġ. 
Aubergine relish/Peppered goat’s cheese/Onion Pickles & Olives.

Platt tat-Tnaqqir (V/GC/SB)– Żebbuġ Imħawwar, Tadam Imqadded,
Fazola bit-Tewm.  Local olives marinated in thyme & garlic/ sweet
sundried tomatoes/ Slow cooked white beans with garlic and parsley.
FTAJJAR(G)– (traditional Maltese bread buns) from the counter.
Ftira filled with tomato paste, tuna, olive oil, mint, butter beans, capers, onions, marjoram and red wine vinegar.
Ftira filled with Maltese sausage, sundried tomato, & rikotta.
Ftira filled with kapunata, olive oil, goat cheese & rucola.


GĦAĠIN (Pasta)

Ravjul bil-Ġobon tan-Nagħag (G/GC/L/SB)– Sheep’s cheese filled ravioli with a simple tomato sauce.
Spaghetti biz-Zalza tal-Fenek (SB/S/C/GC/G/L)– This dish is one of the more popular and most traditional dishes forming part of the celebrated Fenkata meal- Spaghetti with pieces of rabbit, onions garlic, Lacto stout, white wine, marrowfat peas, grana Padano cheese and herbs
Froġa tat-Tarja (G/V/E/SB/C)– A crisp flat pasta cake resembling an omelette made of strands of fine spaghetti mixed with egg, a generous dose of grana Padano cheese, finely chopped parsley and roughly ground pepper.
Also available with chopped belly bacon at an extra charge of €1.00



Fenek(SB/S/C/GC/G/L)– Rabbit fried with garlic, then slow braised in white wine with bay leaf, rosemary and served with marrowfat peas.



Mqaret– Date fritters. X6, X12.

Allergy Note
The following are indications of food allergens that some dishes may contain. Should you have any dietary requirements or suffer from any allergies, kindly inform a member of our staff when your order is being taken (C) – Celery (SB) – Soybean (G) – Gluten (E) Eggs (L) – Lactose (F) – Fish (N) – Nuts (S) – Sulphates (SE) – Sesame (GC) – Garlic (V) – Vegetarian.