Look at the Food Market and you'll notice something special – our place is lit up in calming green lights. Why? Because we really care about mental health! It's not just about tasty food here; it's also about looking out for each other.

The Green Light, When you see our green lights, think of it as a big hug to everyone's mental well-being. Green is the colour of hope and growth, and it shows we're here for you, supporting mental health.

Sure, we serve delicious dishes, but our mission goes beyond that. We want to break the silence around mental health. By lighting up in green, we're saying, "Hey, it's okay not to be okay, and we're in this together." 

The Food Market is more than a food spot; it's a place that cares about you. When you see our green lights, remember that we're shining a light on mental health. Let's create a world where we take care of each other's minds just as much as we do with our stomachs. Together, we can make a difference!

Supporting HDPD <-- Check their website for more information!